DSW Group Commends ‘Kloma Gbi’ for School Project in Kpong


By: Krobea Asante Tofepa & Ampem Gyeke – Darko

Julius Nyeyere Tettey, project coordinator and the group Kloma Gbi, has been lauded for mobilising action and resources to construct a 3 unit JHS classroom block for the Kpong Presby JHS.

The school project comes with ancillary facilities such as an I. C. T. lab, library, infirmary, a head master’s office, staff room and a six-seater washroom

Executive Coordinator of the anti – water and environment pollution group, Drink Safe Water, Mr. Krobea Asante Tofepa Ntomentwene revealed to News Africa Online and Ambassadors on Tuesday after attending the 2nd annual education performance review meeting organized by the Ghana education Service in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality.

The meeting dubbed, “Providing quality education in an enabling environment ” was well attended by various unit heads, staff of the assembly, representatives of the traditional council, USAID learning, Pencils of Promise, JICA , Kloma FBI among others.

Speaking on the initiative, christened “Our Widow’s Mite” (OWiM project), Mr. Krobea Asante said, Kloma Gbi has indeed set the pace and needed to be commended for their contribution to nation building specifically in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly through community development projects.

Mr. Krobea Asante represented DSW Group and Power Africa Multimedia at the meeting.

He said, the project included a six (6) seater toilet facility to help enhance sanitation in the school, I. C. T centre, and a head masters’ office which when completed will aid teaching and learning.

According Mr. Nyerere, members of the youth group who are all largely Krobo descent, came together and decided to use the widows mite technique/concept to seek for sponsorship support and contribution from members to salvage deadly situation in the school.

The school block at the roofing stage.

Mr. Krobea Asante disclosed to the participants, and the Municipal Education Director, Mrs. Rose Yaa Akanyi, and the Chairman of the meeting, Nene Teye Adjesu, Chief of Susu Menekpor, a mountain of refuse been formed near Mt. Mary School opposite the St. Paul’s school at Atua.

He made reference to the National Environmental Sanitation Policy of and emphasized that, sanitation and hygiene were key to national development.

Mr. Nyerere was thankful to the Manya Krobo Rural Bank, Kloma Gbi members, and all other donors and supporters for their financial and material contribution towards the realisation of the project since its inception in March, 2017.

He said, the Kloma Gbi was hopeful the project would be completed and handed over early 2018, this assurance he maintained was possible due to the selflessness by members.

Kloma Gbi hopeful the project would be completed and handed over early 2018

Touching on the deadly H1N1 influenza outbreak which has resulted in the death of 4 KUMAKA students in Kumasi in the Ashanti region, Mr. Nyerere called on parents, teachers and all to maintain personal hygiene, adopt the use of soap in washing the hands to avoid infestation.

“Above all, it is important to secure water resources and the environment by avoiding the indiscriminate dumping of hazardous substances”, he added.

Municipal Chief Executive of LMKM, Honorable Simon Tetteh congratulated the group for their help to the Assembly through the construction of the facility, noting that even though government was committed to improving education; such contributions are always needed to boost the change expected in the educational sector in the municipality.

He pledged his support to augment the efforts of the group by assisting in the provision of some ICT equipment in the lab.

He said he was not too happy with the poor sanitation standards in the municipality and in some schools, and added that the Assembly will provide waste bins for waste management in some of the schools and communities.

He also expressed worry that, the Municipal Education Directorate do not have an office apartment hence, have been operating from a rented apartment over the past 50 years.

He assured that, his outfit was working very hard to obtain grants in order to obtain a permanent facility for the educational administrative body of the municipality.

A Kloma Gbi project

Mrs. Rose Yaa Akanyi, Municipal Education Director was not too happy about the standard of education and said “we can do better with collective efforts to build on all weaknesses and work better on strengths”.

In her address, she mentioned a total number of 324 pre-tertiary schools with a break down as follows:
113 pre-schools, 44 public, 69 private, 111 primary schools with 45 been public, and 66 private.

She further disclosed 91 Junior High Schools, 38 public and 53 private, 9 Senior High Schools, 4 public and 5 private.

Comparing the B. E. C. E. results of 2017 and 2016, the Director said, there was a decline in 2017 by 7.5 percent, this represented 53.53% as against 60.58% in 2016.

However, no school scored 0 in 2017, this she said was a plus but encouraged teachers, stakeholders and parents to brainstorm better ways of closing up gaps.

In a presentation by the School Health Education Programme Coordinator, Mr. Godfred Ceasar, poor health conditions contributed to failures in academics and asked that students’ health is made a priority.

He said, amongst many basic schools and senior high schools in the municipality, there were inadequate sick bays to administer first aid to students.

He noted his office was ready to collaborate with advocacy group like DSW early next academic year to improve on the WASH programme introduced to schools by UNICEF and WHO.

He commended JICA and its volunteers for their support towards health education in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly.

Chairman, Nene Teye Adjesu in a closing remark said, it was sad the Member of Parliament, Honorable Okletey Terlabi was not present though invited, “it will take me weeks to probably understand even though, he MP sent a message of apology having Parliament business, he needed to have joined the Chief Executive”, he said.

Nene thanked organisers of the event, and cautioned against allowing the meeting to become only a talk show, he called for action on the part of leadership to address all identified problems such as lack of educational infrastructure, supervision, inadequate of logistics, poor parenting and teacher – pupil relationship which lead to low performance and academic excellence.

He called for measures to be adopted to obtain space to accommodate the G. E. S and its staff who for 50 years have survived in a rented building.

In order to speed up on development of the education sector, the Chief promised to lead an ambassadorial role by advocating among various divisional Chiefs during meetings which, the G. E.S will be invited to share challenges for recommendations.

“Lower Manya Krobo municipality must become the best in terms of education, sanitation and development”, Nene Teye Adjesu said.


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