Donate to Give a Child a Responsible Future-Hope Journey Foundation


By: Ampem Gyeke-Darko

In December this year, “Hope Journey” a non-profit-making group of youngsters, with Christian background shall hold an event to put smiles on the faces of children at Addonkwanta in the Eastern Region.

Next month’s edition of the Hope Journey’s project is the second since the formation of the group. It is dubbed, “1bag-1Child-project.” Their first mission was in July 1, 2017, also at a village in the same region.

The group disclosed although education is a basic human right, those who need education the most; thus children living in poverty are least likely to attend and even complete school.

According to them, they are a Christian foundation aimed at sharing the word of God through giving back to society. They aspire to impacting positively into other aspects of people’e lives especially the needy and poor in various societies.

It also our mission to break the chain of child poverty, illiteracy and low expectation through passionate service and education, by empowering the poor child to firmly believe in themselves in any corner they find themselves.

This December, the hope journey is visiting the children of addonkwanta in the eastern region. We want to spend the Boxing Day(Gift Day) of the Christmas season with them. It’s going to be like Santa Claus himself visiting these Children.

In a survey conducted by the Education directorate of Hope Journey, “We realized that school children at Addonkwanta do not have school bags and other learning materials and this brought up the 1bag-1child-project.” The group revealed.

out to the pupils of Addonkwanta in the Eastern Region in our Christmas edition.

Hope Journey wants to put smiles on these needy children’s faces by giving every pupil in Addonkwanta a school bag, exercise books, pens and pencils and other basic learning materials.

The group acknowledged the main source of their strength has been the good Ghanaian people and other philanthropists who have always been by them through thick and thin and donated to the group clothing, text and exercise books, boxes of pens, pencils, shoes and sandals.

It lauded all donors who sacrificed their limited resources to support their July edition.

“We are this time appealing with you all Ghanaians, non- Ghanaians and sundry to support us either in kind or in cash for our 1bag-1child project to be successful.

We have ordered the first badge of branded school bags to be given to school going children at Addonkwanta, come December.
We ask that you either support us by donating GH¢10 for one bag or donate to us anything to make the poor child smile,” they called for support.

We believe education is a Right to every child and Hope Journey wants the children of Addonkwanta to realize their dreams and achieve them.

Hope journey is accumulating the money for this project through donations. We believe also that your GH¢10 donation is worth a GH¢10,000,000 investment package for the child’s future.


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